The Best Houston Real Estate For Gardening

Picking a house on top of a prime piece of landing for gardening can be challenging. It all depends on what are available lots, the land and weather of the area, and costs associated with it. One of the best places is actually in Houston, Texas, due to the weather patterns and the humidity as well as the amount of land.

One of the first steps to finding the right property is to pick a city or a suburb around one of the major cities that will have lots large enough for the gardens you want to grow. In Houston, for example, there are several suburbs where moderately priced lots have fairly large homes and large yards. With the right planning, you can really have a backyard that flourishes and provides enough fruits and vegetables for most common uses.


When picking a home, there are two routes you can go. The first is the more traditional with real estate agents who will try to show you certain listings that match your criteria. Then you’ll review the homes that best suit your needs and will get into negotiations. The problem with this strategy is that there are a lot of homes which you’ll have to pay market price for, and it will take a long time to really finalize their purchase. A traditional real estate deal may take 1-3 months, depending on the homeowner, the negotiations, required repairs, and mortgage approval.


An alternative to this would be to use a similar strategy to how real estate investors operate. Looking for a home that’s currently in a distressed situation or a seller that is motivated could land you a home anywhere from 50-70% of the total value of the property. The options are usually a bit more limited, but they can land you some really nice deals on the cheap. You can look for a home buyer company that will wholesale a property to you. In some cases, they will need some repairs, but overall will still be 20-30% cheaper than retail. With that advantage, you’ll be able to customize the home as you like and really give it a personal touch.


While both of these options are great for purchasing property, ultimately you want a nice plot of land with which you can create your garden. Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles that would come your way, like areas likely to harbor lots of pests, giant oak trees, or even issues with neighbors and their pets. Also be sure to take a look at flood zones. Although many homes are not zoned in flood areas, recent events such as Hurricane Harvey have proven that it can happen regardless. Especially in areas where flood gates can be opened up, you want to make sure that your investment isn’t subject to the paths of natural disaster. You may want to take a look at some home insurance for Katy, in that case.


With these tips in mind, check out some of the properties available in Houston and what you can do with the land there. It’s one of the best places for growing your own garden or crop. Because of that, Texas is one of the best self-sustaining states, and it recovers from economic depressions very quickly because of that. If you’re looking for a place to really thrive and be one with nature, definitely check out Houston’s land opportunities. Reach out to Sell My House Easy Fast if you’d like to learn more about finding property as a real estate investor.